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Thursday, 03 March 2011

   Human resources represent the most valuable asset of the Institute. The Institute co-workers are all specialists witnessing a keen experience, being well-trained for technical assistance programs, as they have attended probation periods in USA, Russia, Poland and Romania.

Bulat Veaceslav Public management Director of Urban Development Institute. Qualifications: Urban Development; Mechanism of local public government system; Cross-Border Cooperation; Strategic Planning for projects: Local Agenda 21, UNDP Moldova; Establishment of sustainable partnership for suburban economic development of Municipality Chisinau (7 communes), „Mesmerizing Moldova” UNDP; Participation at the elaboration of Diagnostic study and of the Conception PUG Chisinau. Elaboration of Study „Cultural patrimony of Municipality Chisinau: Current situation and development perspectives”; Elaboration of feasibility study and co-author of draft law on regional development.
Dogotaru Svetlana Public management President IDU. During the period March 2004-October 2004 fulfilled the position of General Prime-deputy-director of the Department Constructions and Territory Development of the Republic of Moldova; 2001-2004 – Prime-deputy-minister of Ecology, Constructions and Territory Development of the Republic of Moldova; August 2001-December 2001 – Chief –assistant of State Inspectorate in Constructions of the Republic of Moldova. Qualifications: Public Management, Room Planning and arrangement.
Pavel Filimon Financial manager Accountant. Has education in bookkeeping field. Participation at agricultural enterprises reorganization. Audit of APL activity, as well as for public and private companies. Elaboration of business plans, enterprises assessment, costs analysis.

Viorica Scerbina

Expert in political sciences and public administration

She has graduated the State University of Moldova, political science and public administration faculty. Master in Business Administration, Institute of Economy and Management Improvement in Agribusiness. Specialized in political and administrative sciences, developing market studies.



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Thursday, 03 March 2011
Mamaliga Sergiu Lawyer, expert in institutional reorganization Ph.D. in law. Qualifications - public commercial law, institutional reorganization. Studies and researches concerning the impediments standing against the foundation and operating of joint-stock companies and public institutions. Participation at the design of the regulatory framework on public procurements within the County Iasi Council, institutions set-up and registration.
NUNU Constantin Expert in strategic planning, trainer Education in political theory and strategic planning. Experience in assisting the elaboration and update of strategic plans for 40 localities within the project USAID “Reform of local public authorities”. Participation as trainer at the preparatory and qualification training in strategic planning for non-profit organizations
Harbu Eduard Expert in forecast and statistical analysis Performed data analysis and forecasting for the development strategy of municipality Chisinau; comparative analysis of regional development in Moldova, information sampling, collection and codification for the survey „Moldova: Diagnostic Study of Commercial Integration”, survey „ Cultural patrimony of municipality Chisinau: Current situation and perspectives for development”; Professor, trainer for a master’s degree.