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Wednesday, 06 April 2011

Elaboration of Telenesti General Urban Plan


Implementation period: November 2005 – May 2006

Client: UNDP Program Local Agenda 21 / "Mesmerizing Moldova"



Detailed description of the project:


Activities as follows were carried out during the project:


  1. Assisting the local public administration in projecting the theme-program for the elaboration of the GUP
  2. Involving the community in the GUP development process and creating the Strategic Committee of the town
  3. Collecting data concerning the development of the town
  4. Elaboration of the Diagnostic of the state of town development
  5. Elaboration of socio-economic development scenarios until 2020
  6. Elaboration and debating the Socio-economic Development Strategy until 2020
  7. Elaboration of the General Urban Plan of the town
  8. Approving by City Council of the decision on town zoning
  9. Training civil servants in administering data bases for town zoning.