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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Final Statement of the International Conference “Building Public-Private Partnership to Ensure Sustainable Community Development”


Participants at the international conference "Building Public-Private Partnership to ensure sustainable community development", held in Chisinau on March 25, 2011,


Studying and knowing the essence, principles, methods, forms and mechanisms of work of PPP, the new approaches of cooperation between the public and private sector, as well as national and international experience in the field,


Observing that public-private partnership is recognized and recommended by international institutions as an efficient and modern tool for sustainable development at local, regional and national level


Taking into account the limited financial resources of local, regional and national budgets allocated for investment actions,


subscribe to the following statement:


We consider that the daily needs of local communities such as: rehabilitation of roads and transport infrastructure, supply qualitative drinking water, waste collection and recycling, environmental protection, ensuring an attractive business environment, creating conditions for recreation, planning and public safety are all reasons to use PPP as a way of solving them.


We appreciate the steps taken so far by central authorities on creating the necessary conditions for PPP application, but in order to boost the use of this instrument, we consider indispensable to achieve the following actions:

  • Finalize, approve and implement legal mechanisms for the implementation of Law no. 179-XVI on public-private partnership and of investment stimulation;
  • Finalize the process of public property delimitation;
  • Elaboration of registers with liable and non liable items for privatization which shall be drawn in correlation to Master Plans;
  • Amendment and simplification of the management procedures of public property, registration of joint ventures, conduct of investment tenders and competitions, conclusion and registration of contracts relating to PPP projects;
  • Creation of representative structures of standing dialogue between public and private sector at national, regional and local level;
  • Creation of PPP Association to assist public authorities and private sector in PPP project identification, their promotion, implementation and monitoring;
  • Develop and publish of several manuals of PPP implementation, informational guides for public and private sector representatives that would include descriptions of procedures, stages and actions necessary for implementation of PPP projects as well as standard templates that can be applied in the award and implementation of PPP contracts;
  • Creation of some databases with PPP projects for public works and services carried out at national, regional and local level that could be used as examples of projects and best practices;
  • Develop and implement comprehensive training programs for staff in public authorities engaged in activities related to PPP projects implementation;
  • Facilitate the awareness of the concept, essence and advanced experiences of PPP by public and private sector representatives;
  • Develop the implementation of PPP policies, anticorruption measures for this type of projects, respecting the principles of public participation in all stages of formulation, implementation and evaluation through advocacy campaigns.