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Thursday, 03 March 2011

Institute for Urban Development is a nongovernmental public association, apolitical, non-profit, targeted on enlisting the efforts of consultants and research institutions, public authorities and civil society, so as to implement modern methods on urbanism and territory arrangement and to improve the activity of state bodies and local public government in the frame of sustainable development of urban and rural localities.

The Institute mission and objectives of activity are:

  • Promoting principles of sustainable development for urban and rural localities
  • Development of public-private-civil society partnership in the field of urbanism and territory arrangement in the frame of sustainable development
  • Assistance provided to central and local public bodies for the elaboration and implementation of strategies, programs, projects and studies on urban, rural and regional development, investment projects, feasibility studies
  • Performance of research and drafting studies in the field of urban, rural  and regional  development, territory arrangements
  • Participation at the elaboration and examination of draft legislative and informative acts related to urbanism field, habitat and urban management.

The Institute provides services like:

  • Elaboration and carrying out of training and consultancy programs in concerned fields;
  • Organization of meetings, seminars, congresses, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions and other similar activities;
  • Working out surveys, studies and researches, of interest to the Association, beneficiaries and society;
  • Editing activities, elaboration and dissemination of audio-video and multimedia materials;
  • Drawing up, update of databases (public reports, concerned institutions, legislation, information on service providers in the stated field);
  • Unfoldong preparatory and qualification trainings to the concern of interested persons.