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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Training in urban planning


During June 11-14, 2013, with the support of the Assistance Program for Local Public Authorities, two training sessions were carried out, dedicated to urban planning and elaboration of General Urban Plans. Trainings were conducted by the Director of IDU, Veaceslav Bulat, and Pieter Wiekeraad, expert WNG (Netherlands).


Within training sessions, there were introduced and discussed the following issues: role of urban planning in community development, process of urban planning and the General Urban Plan in Apeldoorn City, Netherlands; current situation of urban planning in Moldova, benefits and disadvantages of urban planning, legal framework of urban planning and spatial planning in Moldova, competences and responsibilities of central and local public authorities in urban planning.  


One of the training sessions was dedicated to tools of urban planning, goal and objectives of GUP, structure, essence and content of ZUP and DUP. The participants have discussed about basic compartments of GUP, main stages in the elaboration of GUP, data collection, role and involvement of various actors in the elaboration of urban plans and spatial planning.


Urban planning is based on the concept of sustainable development. What are the elements of sustainable development? What are the modern approaches to sustainable development? What are the elements taken into consideration when urban plans are elaborated, from the point of view of sustainable development? These were the aspects discussed within this training session.


The last training session presented aspects of participation to planning. Legal requirements were listed. The participants simulated a situation where they solved a problem related to urban planning and infrastructure construction.


Training sessions strengthened the capacity of local public authorities in urban planning. More assistance actions related to urban planning will be carried out within the LGSP Program.