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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Local Government Support Project in Moldova is a four-year, $9,3 million activity that will take place during the period 2012-2016. The project is financially supported by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and locally implemented by Chemonics International in partnership with subcontractors: VNG International, EnCon Services, Institute for Urban Development and Magenta Consulting.  


The project aims to assist local governments to design and implement policies and procedures that contribute to good governance, develop capacity to meet decentralized authorities and responsibilities for services in a transparent manner, and provide basic services that engender growth of local economies and make services more cost effective and efficient.


The LGSP has three interrelated components:


1.  Improve municipal service delivery, including planning, service management and service quality and quantity. It aims to assist in strategic action planning that supports local infrastructure improvements and extension of more effective/efficient services delivery.

2.  Increase revenues available to local governments and improve financial management practices. It will strengthen municipal financial management capacities and optimize municipal revenue generation potential.

3.  Increase municipal energy efficiency. It will assist municipalities in the development of local energy efficiency plans, analysing the feasibility of energy efficiency projects, and the realization of energy efficiency gains.


LGSP will be working with 32 rayon centres and Comrat, as capital of autonomous region of Gagauzia, also are eligible Balti and Chisinau to participate in the project. Across components, the project will assist participants to secure funding, attract investments, create public-private partnerships, promote gender equality, and create opportunities for youth. Participants will be organised into three cohorts of 12-15 rayons each and will receive phased technical assistance over a period of 18 months.


To measure and promote municipal improvement, LGSP will develop a Municipal Performance Index (MPI) tool. Through the annual collection of quantitative data and in-depth surveys of citizens and local leaders, the MPI will measure municipal performance across LGSP three components. MPI data will guide technical assistance delivery, instil competition improvement, and provide an objective methodology for attribution of LGSP’s impact.


LGSP’s Excellence in Municipal Management (EMM) certification program will provide core competency technical assistance to municipalities, followed by tailored, demand-driven technical assistance. EMM is structured to provide municipalities with practical tools that yield tangible results. EMM graduates will also be eligible for small grants under an Incentives and Opportunities Fund.